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We come to you. Kuda Sharpening Systems is a mobile service for stylists within in south Florida. We sharpen and service both beauty and barber shears and clipper blades.


For those that want the Kuda touch but are located out of our mobile area or not in a rush, we now offer mail-in service. Follow these simple instructions and your favorite beauty tools will be good as new in no time!

  • Fill out and print our mail-in form
  • Package and mail your scissors, clipper blades/machines along with the mail-in form
  • Receive notification of completed work and invoice
  • Receive your perfectly sharpened/serviced beauty/grooming tools
Print Form


Scissor & Clipper Sharpening Prices

Kuda Sharpening Systems inspects, cleans, sharpens, lubricates, adjusts and tests all scissors and clipper blades to ensure each of our customers is 100% happy with their sharpening service.
Premium Honed Scissors
(most convex scissors)
Clipper Blade Sharpening
Standard Non-Honed Scissors
(most beveled scissors)
Andis Machine Repair
+ parts
Thinning Scissors
Oster Machine Repair
+ parts
Chunker Scissors

*Kuda Sharpening Systems sharpens any brand of scissors.
*All basic washers + bumpers are replaced as needed at no additional charge.