Established in 1995, we have sold a countless amount of Kuda Sharpening Systems throughout the world, including the United States, Canada, Denmark, Cypress, Israel, Australia, England, and Greece. We not only manufacture the Kuda Sharpening System, but we also use it to sharpen equipment for the beauty and dog grooming industries everyday. We are a mobile service that developed a system to meet the needs of successful sharpeners. The Kuda Torsional Edge Clamp made its debut at the 2007 NSSG Convention in Las Vegas, NV and since then the Kuda revolution has taken the sharpening industry by storm.


With the addition of our Torsional Edge clamp the Kuda Sharpening System is the MOST advanced Hamaguri sharpening system in the world today.


Torsional Edge

There is a mysterious little secret that the sharpening industry doesn't want you to know... The cutting angle on a scissor, whether beveled or convex, changes from where it starts at the pivot and ends at the tips.

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Always ahead of the competition in both technology and design. Nothing works like a Kuda!