Kuda & Clamp


Kuda Sharpening System

The American made Kuda Sharpening System and Patented Torsional Edge Clamp both have been designed by sharpeners for sharpeners. They are made of the highest quality aluminum steel manufactured in a cnc machine shop. They are then taken to a powder coating and anodizing facility respectfully. It is then brought to the Kuda Sharpening Systems facility where they are carefully hand assembled with all of their components. Although we have designed the Kuda to be very user friendly we have made sure that all of its components including magnetic heads, motors, controllers, switches, clamp, etc. are state of the art and come with a one year warranty. No Kuda System leaves our facility unless it's perfect - we won't allow it!


Kuda Clamp

The Patented Torsional Edge Clamp is the ONLY clamp that can achieve the blade angle change perfectly and effortlessly.

The Torsional Edge Clamp is included with the purchase of the Kuda Sharpening System.

Our patented design of the Torsional Edge Clamp is based on what the scissor is doing. Years of research have led us to this fact. Others based their design on what you will do to a scissor. There is a difference. They're still changing the dynamics and the intent that the scissor manufacturers have placed in their product.